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Small Easy Tips For Success  1

Everybody is always asking me the question of how do I succeed?

I always hesitate to tell them because success is different for everyone and the way to succeed is always different for everyone.  And the definition of success is always different for everyone also.

Fitst I tell them subscribe to the magazine Success.  In that magazine you see all different types of success and ways to success.  Again everyone is different and it is important that you see all different types of success and the different paths to success.  I tell you what I have been down many different paths and a lot of them are dead ends but that is okay because I learned from those dead end paths and I kept going.  The crazy thing is that those paths that were dead ends for me were and still are home runs for other people.  So what I am trying to tell you here is that my path might not your correct path and your correct path may have been a dead end for me.  But the one thing that still holds is that you have to keep trying until you do find that correct path.

But the one thing that I hold to being my one true path to success was praying.  I consider myself a servant to the Lord and first thing I always do is first give thanks and then pray for the wisdom and guidance.  Now I don’t always get an answer delivered on a bolt of lightning or even an answer in the way I want it but an answer is always delivered or given.

So I pray and then I just work.  If you work and keep pressing forward goos things will happen eventually.  Not always right away but it eventually will.

A great book that I read is the Compound Effect.  I won’t write a book report here because you should really read it yourself.  The main point is that if you keep doing the small stuff and big stuff on a regular consistent basis great and amazing stuff will happen.  You just have to open the door or be at the door to open when great things are on their way to you.

Let’s face everybody’s schedules are different and everybody works at a different pace.  My friend Gerald is the busiest person I know but he truly can get a tremendous amount of work done in a span of one hour because he has learned how to focus his mind on energy on one task at a time and by doing that he is very successful.  Now my friend Lolo has all the time in the world and can hardly get anything done in an hour because she is not focused and considers time spent talking to people on Facebook a part of business even if she is helping people.  What she needs to do is focus her time on money making activities and get those done before she can go on Facebook and converse in her Facebook groups.

As you can see I have basic steps to succeed.

  1. Pray
  2. Get to work
  3. Don’t be afraid of going down the wrong trail every now and then no matter what other pay say
  4. Don’t give up
  5. Get to work
  6. Commit yourself to focused work

Again everybody has a different path but don’t ever give up.