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Faithfull SEO  5

Now let me tel you that in order to succeed online yo need to be found online and being found online consists of being on the first page of Google.


No place else matters when being online.  The first page is king.


Their are also a lot of people out their trying to sell SEO service saying they will get you to the fist page of google.  Let me warn you a  lot of them are scams but also a lot of them are for real.  So the question remains is how do you tell the real ones from the fake ones.


First I will tell you to pray about it because in the long run you will not be lead astray.  But let me emphasize the long run part because in the short run you could be learning an important lesson.


Then ask around and see if any of your friends have had success with anyone or if they happen to do it themselves.  And make sure you trust the person.


I tried to do it by myself at first by following this website called Moz.  But I later found out that Moz was only one piece of the puzzle and a vey fuzzy one at that.


I was lucky because I had a friend that had a company and it is


They ended up being absolutely awesome.  But What I liked about them the most was that they were totally honest and up front with me.  They told the time frames I should expect and if they did not meet those time frames they would continue to do the work for free until I got my desired results.


They actually did not meet the time frame but they did continue to do the wok until I got my desired results.  It actually only took them 1 extra month to get me to the fist page of Google.  But they did deliver on there promise.  In their words was that they do not control Google but they are good at what they do and they always deliver on their promise no matter what.


Sometimes you just have to trust someone on their word and go from their.  When is comes to SEO and this whole digital marketing world you have to just trust someone and have the faith that you chose the right one.  Again the first thing that I always do is kneel down and pray to make sure I am being led in the right direction.


One way or another I always get led in the right direction.  I don’t always like the direction but I do get led the right way.


So have faith and just go out and chase your dreams no matter what and faith that God has an amazing plan for you.