What’s This About

This is a very weird name for a website you might be thinking.

And you are correct to think that.  We are not a church.  So then the question remains is why would I name this website the name I did.

The answer is real simple.  I am a religious man myself and thought that having a religious name would give me good luck in my business ventures.

Fortunately, it has given me good luck but a lot of my luck had to do with hard work and trial and error plus the inability to give up because I knew I had someone looking over my shoulder making sure I will not fail.

So the question remains is what in the heck do I do.

Again the answer is very simple.  I help people to succeed when they otherwise would not have the means physically or spiritually to do so themselves.

And I also consult businesses that are not succeeding and help them to get into the black.  It is my passion to help failing businesses to succeed.

Sometimes it is something simple like making a routine or schedule for them to do everyday and sometimes it is very complex where I have to get into their books and numbers and see exactly where the money is leaking.

It’s not always easy or fun but I get a lot of joy seeing someones business turn around and succeed because a lot of the people are good hard working people that just need to be steered in the right direction.  And their is nothing wrong with asking for help.  I’ve seen companies that were failing turn around and then later sell literally for millions of dollars.

I really truly believe there is a lot of good people out there trying to do good and not just become filthy rich so they can rub it in peoples faces.  I only ran across one person like that and I had to walk off the job because I literally could not help that person.

Please stay with me and listen to my business journeys and hopefully you will possibly become a client of mine also.